CJOsmiles.Fit is water & land fitness

CJOsmiles.Fit is Water & Land group and personal fitness

LA Fitness Gym 3024 Prosperity Church Road.

Aqua Fit is an awesome shallow water fitness class for all fitness levels. Seriously! Make the workout your own. OWN it!

Aqua Fit Monday and Wednesday 9am-9:50am

Senior Fit is in the aerobics room and features functional exercises

Senior Fit Monday and Wednesday 11:00am-11:50am

EVOLUTIONARYAQUATICS.org offers Swim Lessons

Check out their adult classes on their website: Evolutionaryaquatics.org.


CJOsmiles.FIT offers these services

Aquatic Fitness

Senior Water Aerobics & Senior Chair Fitness Classes

Personal Training for those having Arthritis

Walk for Fitness Programs

Deep Water Aquatics & Water Running

Community Pool Exercise Classes

I Love Water Fitness. How about YOU?

My Work


2016 Merit Award given to Cynthia Osborne for the years of dedication and support to the Aquatic Exercise Association

CJOsmiles has been helping build “Conditioned Fit Bodies” since 2008.


Aquatic Exercise Association Professional Instructor – AEA

Arthritis Foundation Aquatics and Exercise Program Leader – AFAP & AFEP

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Exercise Instructor – AFAA

Hydro Pilates

Star Fish Aquatics CPR/AED




WALK WITH EASE (Arthritis Foundation Program)

Why Water?

Water exercises are friendly for joints, keeping you mobile with less pain from arthritis. Water fitness tones, strengthens, and stretches muscles.

Exert explosive energy to workout then enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Crosstrain for active recovery.

About Me

In retirement my passion for fitness and helping others have combined to form CJOsmiles Aquatics.

Like so many, a doctor suggested water aerobics to me since I was overweight with back and knee pain. That was the best solution. After losing weight I was hooked on WATER. Got certified to instruct, swim, lifeguard and so much more.

I especially love helping those with arthritis issues; seniors who are fit; those who are afraid of water and want to swim.

CJOsmiles Aquatics has given me so many benefits:

It has helped me care for my family. Stay educated in the aquatic industry with updates. Participate in aquatic research and experience new equipment. I love this job and all the people connections.

Contact: CJOsmiles@gmail.com

Serving the area of Charlotte, North Carolina USA

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